Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And Now, For the First Time...

Mr. and Mrs. Garcia!

(this post stayed in "edit" mode a little too long!)

That sounds a little weird, considering that's my grandparents' title. My sister brought the Garcia name back to the family and married her "baby daddy" (tee hee hee). I love saying that, but guess I can't now...

Eli and I flew down to the Land O' on Friday and got in late. Saturday was a blur since Ollie didn't fall asleep until 2am and bit me about 10 times while nursing. *Sigh* My dress from Anthropologie didn't fit and I forgot my shoes! The dress was a jersey knit and must have been hanging too long. My awesome nursing bra would have "wowed" everyone as the top drooped down to my ribs... We spent forEVER looking for a replacement at the new mall by the house and finally found my jewel-tone purple number. Thank God for Spanx or my wobbly bits would have rivaled...well, Thanksgiving is around the corner...don't want to gross you out.

Sunday Stacie and Nelson got hitched on the lake behind Hungry Harry's. Yes, laugh if you must -lakeside wedding in Land O' Lakes - but it was a really cute set-up. Eli was adorable in his little green chinos, white shirt and striped tie! Everything was perfect and I'm happy I was able to be there.

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