Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seasonal Sniffles

My sweet Ollie is sick. It started on Saturday, Nern and I had the sniffles. We went to ride "Foss the Chain" (Thomas the Train) in Connecticut on Sunday and everyone was fine. Later that night my baby couldn't breath through his nose. By midnight I knew we were in for a long one. Tuesday Ollie sounded hoarse and had a "barking" type cough. I called the clinic and was told to just watch. Today, Wednesday, he's still sick. No fever at all. I feel so bad! There's nothing I can do and he's just been wincing all day. I know his throat hurts and he's still so sweet. He just winces and smiles. It kills me that I can't do anything! He's been sleeping in the Mei Tai or Kippawa for the last 3 days. My back burns but I know he needs to sleep to feel better. Turner keeps saying "Ollie better, ok?"

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