Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Of all the things toddlers do, talking is probably my favorite. I smile every day at the things Nern says. Sometimes, "I'll doooo it" gets a little bothersome BUT, I love it the same.

I remember when he was probably 6 months old he made the sign for milk. John was in Hawaii and I was home, alone, with Turn. I had given him his bath and was changing him and all of the sudden, with both hands, he made the "milk" sign. I was so excited, I called everyone. The sign for milk eventually turnerd into the word "na" and it's been the word for milk since. He's two and still says "na!" in the morning. Well, now he says "warm na!"

Little words like "mama" and "dada" were easy firsts for him. We really pushed "up" so he didn't whine at our feet.

Around 18 months, we noticed the words just started tumbling out. We were moving across the country and Turner was just babbling away. It was around then that he stopped using signs and started just saying the word. He still uses the sign for please and we're not sure why. I think it's because he says "sees" instead of "please" and he knows it's not right.

Just in the last few weeks he's started working on syllables. He's got Ramone, the car, from the movie Cars and used to call him "Mone." Last night he said "Ra Mone." He surprised me when he said "ellafant" instead of "phant." My favorite is "Foss da Chain" (Thomas the Train). Lately, he's been getting in to directions. I was trying to be a fun mommy and rake leaves around the bottom of his slide when he says "Mommy, put down." He's also a fan of "Mommy, sit here" and "Daddy, sit on floor."

The funniest word happened when he asked for "more porn." He likes popcorn and I guess that's what came out!

"Turner did it!"
"Socks off"
"Turner penis, mommy parts" is what he says when we take a shower together.
"Ollie buddy"
"I see you, and I love you" -John taught him to do the sniper two fingers for "I see you/target/whatever" and Turner says this when you do the two fingers.

I just love hearing his sweet voice say "I luh loo, Mom" and even his little teenager-style, matter-of-fact "No." I know sometimes behavior gets a little more difficult to navigate when more words and cognition are involved, but I really look forward to the day when I can ask Turner a question and he can tell me all about what he's doing.

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T.J.'s Mommy said...

Aww! This is sweet! I really miss some of the "toddlerisms". And, yeah, it's nice when they can talk about their day... but then they NEVER shut up! ;)