Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Any Childhood Worth Remembering is Colorful

I try hard to provide nutritious meals and snacks for the kids. The often eat healthier than I do and almost always healthier than at least 90% of America's children. So, when I fall short I don't fret that they're going to become obese adults or have type 2 diabetes five year olds.

Today, someone mentioned this and I knew what we were having for dinner!
People may scoff at adding chemicals to your child's food, but a tiny drop in some multi-grain pancake batter hasn't killed anyone yet. Processed foods? Probably.

It was without reservation I mixed up some Trader Joe's multigrain baking and pancake mix, split it up in to some snack bowls and added a drop of food coloring to each bowl. This was the first time in a very long time there was no added wheat germ, chia seed, or puree of any kind. I still used sugar free syrup, though.

I forgot how awesome plain ol' pancakes were! I scarfed this stack down like I hadn't eaten in weeks.
I stashed my sweet little cakes so we could have a quick dinner after we returned from the beach. The boys were very excited and ate about four pancakes each! They usually don't eat a huge dinner so it was fun to watch them fill their little bellies.

Oh, and happy International Pancake Day!


Christine said...

You are awesome!!! :)

This trick works great to make Rainbow Cake, too - just layer each color in the pan and bake.

Nellie said...

I've seen the rainbow cake! My boys have no problems with cake. :)