Monday, February 8, 2010

Run Report

I've been running.

I was really gung-ho about this race thing, before I had a pot belly, was sleep deprived and an emotional mess. As much as I want to quit, the Breast Cancer Marathon is in about two weeks. I've registered and I'm going to run the race. I'll just be running it with far less training that I'd like.

The FL Half Marathon Challenge was on January 31st. I did quite well given I was late to the race, 16 weeks pregnant, tripped and fell five times and had to stop to pee in the woods. It was the most technical trail run I'd ever been on! I was pretty motivated about the marathon, especially after I recovered from the half so quickly.

We returned to Jacksonville and I thought this marathon thing was in the bag. Well, life happens and I'm not on my 20 mile run today. I could stick the kids in BOB on this, the only nice day for the rest of the week, trying to make two 10 mile runs but it's really not fair to them. Cardio-wise, I'll be fine, I'm just worried about injury. Usually, you get your last long run in and you can tell what's going to hurt and then take precautions to prevent/lessen pain.

I'm tired, and unmotivated to finish this. I'm going to, but digging deep feels like pulling teeth right now. For the first time ever, I'm not really looking forward to the race but being finished with it. I'm ready to get back to the gym, leave the kids in kiddo care (they love it!) and call it a day.

Geeze, where'd this negative Nellie come from?

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