Saturday, February 6, 2010


My dear friend, Christine, mentioned One Little Word she's using for motivation this year. It got me thinking, I need a word...

There are quotes I've always thought of, my favorite being from To Kill A Mockingbird, and phrases I've repeated (I will not harm my child, I will not harm my child) but I've never thought of a single word for inspiration or motivation.

I chose 'balance' because things feel chaotic right now. Not that I ever really have a handle on anything, but I'm feeling overwhelmed by situations I have no control over. I hate that feeling more than anything. Also, it's the first word that popped in to my head. Given my incredible creative talents at the moment, I stuck with it.

My one little word will mean different things throughout the year. At this very moment, it will remind me to find balance in day to day chores and enjoying my babies at this stage in their life. They need me right now; the laundry can wait. I have to remind myself that I can't always be mommy; I have to balance mommy and daddy. There are days when the boys just need to roll around on the floor and I have to be daddy, regardless of a belly. I need to remember balance in my diet as I grow a baby and prepare to nurse. Balance in my mind as I talk to two toddlers all day.

In a few months, I hope my 'balance' reminds me to understand that caring for three boys isn't something learned over night. That I can't be a super mom without stumbling a few times. It's ok if I stumble, and it's ok if I fall. It's inevitable, but I hate letting my kids down and I will stop at nothing to do what needs to be done the night before just to be mommy in the morning. Some times, I need to sleep instead!

I need to remember to balance, to stand on two feet when I feel like I'm spinning. We only have this one moment in life and if I don't balance, I might miss it.

Balance...Oommm...uh, come the tears!


Katie said...

I think that last paragraph was perfect... inspired... inspiring. :-) Love ya!

Nellie said...

Thanks, Katie! Too bad I can't remember to use correct punctuation...