Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And *POOF* it's gone...

I've lost my invincibility force field. If you find it, please return it and I will send the Cleaning Fairy to your house! Fo' reals, I know her and we're like this. She said I can pimp her out any time...

I guess it's true, when you're eight months pregnant everything catches up to you, regardless of what shape your in. For me, the flights to New Jersey wiped me out. The trip, itself was perfectly fine! I got some much needed rest and Grandma was a great runner around of kids. I'm done, though. All the muscles in my back burn and I want to sleep for eight weeks but Eli is back to his old tricks and I'm so running on fumes!

To add fuel to that fire, I'm in full-on nesting mode. I didn't really have too much of that feeling with either of my first two, but, this time...I need stuff done, like YESTERDAY! I'm driving myself insane making lists of lists and doing things over and over (*coughs* like moving furniture). Cleaning has been my top priority. I don't know why, it's not as if things are dirty! It's a very odd, compulsive, feeling and it can go away any time.

I've also started the arduous task of precooking meals. I bought one of those little vacuum sealers and the bags to go along with and even a deep freezer (3 boys, one husband: it's an investment that will prove worthy!). I'll tell you more about all the meals on the list to cook in another post because now I feel the need to go make a list of the things I've gotten at the store (what?) and what I should cook first.

Great. Aaaand I've lost my invisibility force field. What's a married single pregnant mother of two toddlers and a deployed husband to do? Run around like a chicken with it's head cut off...see?!?
All I want is a beer, a book and a lounge chair...oh, and breeze like one felt on the beaches in Hawaii. Oh, and my husband. It's not hard.

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