Monday, May 17, 2010

Secret Weapon

I carry a secret weapon. Actually, I don't really carry it as much as keep it stored in the guest bedroom. It was used in January and February when freezing temperatures kept us inside and I do not regret the purchase one single bit. In fact, if it went missing or ended up broken I'd purchase it again today!

My kids call it.....


This bad boy provides minutes (wish I could say hours) of fun!


Start with a clean living room.

Have your toddlers help out as much as possible (because it
takes up more time, not because it actually helps).

The official button pusher.

Watch them do the craziest dances waiting the 30 seconds
for the bouncy house to fill with air.

Waaaaait for it....


The boys love to slide down using pillows and blankets.

There are key items that have helped us through this deployment and this is one of them! I'm sure people get by on less but this has been a great distraction.


Teresa Eliason said...

I really needed one of these today! Or for each of them.

Nellie said...

ha! i'm thinking the big sumo suits so i can just let them go at it and not really mind!

Mike and Cicely said...

Aw man, that looks like so much fun!! If I had room, I'd get one of those things too!

Glad you've got your secret weapon. I'm still searching for mine.... :)

Jennifer said...

Awesome!! I think I might need one of these....