Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

Before becoming part of the Seaside Playgarden family, I had no idea what festivals were about. I mean, I've been to my school's "Winter Carnival" or "Spring Fling" but never a real festival.

Seasonal festivals serve to connect humanity with the rhythms of nature and of the cosmos. The festivals originated in ancient cultures, yet have been adapted over time. To join the seasonal moods of the year, in a festive way, benefits the inner life of the soul. Celebrating is an art. There is joy in the anticipation, the preparation, the celebration itself and the memories. The four seasonal festivals are Michaelmas (fall) Christmas (winter), Easter (spring) and St. John (summer). Here is a fantastic post on the May Day celebration, tradition, and crafts.

Eli dropping "brudder" off to make his bird.

Felted flower basket Ms. Teresa made.

30 week belly and the Maypole.

For our particular school, the kids paraded from the school house to the beach (about a block and a half). They met at school to color birds with long streamer and flew them during the parade. It was so cute to see them all walking in a line. You could tell some kids had done the parade/festival thing before and some, like Turner, were just along for the ride.

Ms. Juile, Ms. Lynn, and Ms. Ashley made sure they all had fun, regardless of their festival knowledge.
Turner, not quite sure of what he's doing.

Eli, not excited to be out on the hottest day of this spring.

Turner and his lovely smile with the May pole.

The kids made crowns from vines, leaves and flowers.

Ms. Julie is the sweetest, most caring and compassionate woman I've ever met in my life.

Fingers crossed, this supa chick is going to be our nanny when our crazy situation arises in a few months (more on that when I can officially talk about it!).

Meet Casey, love interest of Turner. She wants nothing to do with him, but he follows her around like a puppy dog!

The kids (all but mine and two other toddlers from Turner's class) danced around the Maypole and sang songs.
Everyone wore bells laced on ribbons.

We really enjoyed finally attending our first festival. My kids were hot and hungry (thanks to me) so they were ready to get home. They were out before you could say sweet dreams. Maybe they'll enjoy their next festival a little more!

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