Friday, May 21, 2010

Ollie Goes to the Dentist

Eli went to his first dental appointment today! This office came highly recommended by military (they take our insurance) and no-military alike. I was not disappointed by the experience.
He insisted we bring his "little buddy."

Eli was so brave, he even walked by himself.

He climbed right up in the chair to check it out.

The entire staff from the front of the office to the back was fantastic!

Eli was showing Dr. Fishman his teeth.

This picture does no justice to his facial expressions at the moment. He was giving this stern eye-brow look and it was priceless. There was a TV above his head but he didn't care much about that: he was more interested in what was about to happen. Dr. Fishman took great care to really talk to Eli and not me. He used the smallest amount of pressure with the cleaning tool and Eli did a wonderful job listening to directions (show me your teeth, open wide, ect.).
After he was all done, he went back to the toy box to pick out a snake!

On the way out he even remembered to ask for a sticker for Brudder!

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Katie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! So cute! What a sweet boy to remember Turner!