Monday, May 24, 2010

Holy Orthodontics

When he was 18 months old, John and I took Turner to a pediatric dentist in Monterey, CA. It was my intention to begin his dutiful six month visits so he'd have fabulous teeth and never go through what I did as a child and have the fear I have as an adult. *Ahem* insert cross country move, new baby, another huge move, and a welcome back to the Navy here.

Aaaaand he's not been back since. Well, until today.

Turner's face when he heard his name called.

Checking out the TV above the chair.

As soon as the tech started talking to Turner, he closed his eyes and started rubbing them. No real reason other than a toddler-ism. He wasn't upset or scared!

My little weirdo!

Before she touched his teeth, the tech put the "tooth tickler" on Turner's arm. I love that the staff really work hard to talk to the kids as though the understand what's going on. Turner seemed to appreciate the details.

He finally warmed up and opened his eyes after the tech started "tickling" his teeth.

Applying some flouride. They call it "tooth vitamins" and Turner is all about the vitamins so he was stoked.

He had his first x-rays done so I stepped back. It's weird to be so proud of your child for doing something as simple as listening to directions, but I was!

Toy of choice from the box: his "funky gwasses!"

Here's where the not so awesome news comes in...

The baba (aka pacifier) has caused a cross bite. Not a little one that can be corrected with just getting rid of the baba, but something that will need a "device" around the age of 8. After that is used for x amount of time he will likely need orthodontics. I guess I was visibly upset at myself and the dentist assured me that many children (and parents) go through this because of a pacifier. I just feel so guilty! I was told that we've got 18 months to yank baba or it will certainly cause severe problems down the road. The plan was to do it in June, at any rate, and now I'm even more motivated to come to terms with the fact that it's done. ...and naps, too, for that matter!

Also, there is a build-up where the tooth meets the gum. The dentist said it's like he didn't have his teeth brushed for some time. That is most certainly not the case! I mean, of course there have been nights that it just didn't happen, but not that many nights! Every evening I let Turner (and Eli) brush his teeth. Then, I tell him they're sparkly clean but I go in and inspect (brush his teeth). We've started flossing but I'm still freaking out about the build-up!

I started to talk to Turner about two weeks ago that baby Deacon needs a baba and also, you can't have your fourth birthday with a baba. He laid down in his bed and got all choked up and says "Mommy, I don't want birthday presents." Ok, obviously, a parent-fail on that. I reassured him that he will get gifts no matter what but baba will be biding him adieu soon.

Because I'm that mom, Turner enjoyed a cupcake after his dental visit. What? Like you didn't do anything bad today...

Sweet Ollie, always face first in to things!

I love that he really wanted to know why his hands were a mess!

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Katie said...

Don't worry about Turner's teeth just yet. I mean, maybe he'll need a "device" but then he may not have to do the orthodontist. I sucked my thumb WAY past when you should have, and the dentists tried to scare my mom and I never ended up needing anything else. No worries yet, wait till his 7th birthday and see how the dental visits go. :-) Love the cupcake pictures.