Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thank God for VISITORS!

There's nothing worse than a holiday weekend alone, at home, with toddlers. Oh, wait, there is: A holiday weekend alone, at home, with sick and cranky toddlers! Yes, you read correctly, my kids were cranky. *GASP* Yeah, I know, I'm over it too. We've had a cold since the flight back from New Jersey and the boys seemed to have developed pink eye from the 2 1/2 week old cold.

Thankfully, Uncle Chad and Aunt Kate came to save the weekend! They hopped a flight from VA just to come down and check on us. I'm so happy to not only have them in our life but to be able to trust that they love us enough to come down and deal with our beautiful mess!

Kate found these super awesome Marine Corps uniforms and Chad decked them out with 1st LT bars for Turner and 2nd LT bars for Eli. Though, they could have come from Kate since she served as a Marine, too!
Turner even got a Navy Achievement Medal (NAM)!
He loves to dress up in things like this.

Coincidentally, Eli had this "Mom's Major Cutie" shirt on. I thought it went well with the desert camis. You can see his eyes are watery from the conjunctivitis.

On Saturday, we played around the house. Kate and Chad helped me dump out the dead garden: I'm not sure what I was thinking, trying to keep one more thing alive! The tomatoes (a heat tolerant variety from Hawaii) have survived and are now producing fruit so we saved those. The boys seemed to enjoy dumping the dirt so, I guess, no harm no foul. Turner wore his uniform for the second day in a row and could not be bothered to remove it even though it was 90 degrees.

After naps Saturday, we hit the beach at Mayport. The kids were still not up to par so they weren't their usual selves running from the dunes to the water and back. Eli is fairly attached to a truck from the movie Wall-E (though he's never seen it) so he spent the entire hour fighting the waves and screaming at the water for taking his beloved truck.

Uncle Chad, dutifully wiping Turner's face.

The newlyweds!

Kate helping Eli pile mud on his truck so it didn't get washed away.

8 1/2 month belly. Chad seemed a little proud of his, huh?

After the beach the boys and I were treated to one of our favorite places, Tacolu!

This kid would never turn down beans and rice!

Not only did Chad and Kate come down for a visit, the tackled Eli's birthday gift (a train table), and let me take as many showers as possible in two days but they even took the boys out Sunday morning so I could get a few things done and enjoy the Sunday Morning Show on CBS. Now that was a treat!

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