Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Funday

Our friend, Grace, has access to this super awesome splash ground in her neighborhood. It was an 85 degree Sunday afternoon and the Augustines saved me from schlepping the kids to the beach. What is a usually fun task is getting more difficult by the week so I'm happy to take a break any time I can. Even though it was warm, the water was quite chilly (for FL standards!).
The kids, cheesin' for me.

Grace is the coolest girl we've ever been able to hang with.
She's so teenytiny but she is NOT afraid to show the boys that she can hang!

Turner loved the slide.

Eli wasn't a fan of being sprayed on the way up to the slide.
He was perfectly fine with jumping.

Grace even tested out the slide and loved it!

The belly at 33 weeks!

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