Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Good Day

This experience has been an incredible roller coaster and, for the past few weeks, the boys and I seem to be on different waves of the ride. We're not all on the same page, on the same day, at the same time. Finally, today, we were! They were up very early again, but I can deal with that. Without much persuasion they both went down for a nap at 10:45 (!!!). I thought we would be out of the house by noon but, to my incredible surprise, they napped for THREE hours!

When they finally popped up, we headed downtown to the MOSH (Museum of Science & History) to make use of our membership. While we were out, John had the chance to call. Turner was happy to talk but distracted. He did have time to ask for money to buy something at the gift shop!
Talking to Daddy!

Say "aaaahhhhh!"

He cannot help himself!

Downtown Jacksonville

In the .05 seconds it took me to snap the above picture and then put the camera on my shoulder Eli was on the beam behind them. I try not to freak out but, wow, that child! The St. John's is a major river and the current is swift!

After playing in and around the museum, we headed to 5 Points to get an early dinner at the Mossfire Grill. I had thee most amazing gorgonzola steak salad! I even ordered the kids a cupcake after they devoured their dinners so I could keep eating! Turner must be growing; he ate an adult size portion of black beans and rice, some steak, salad and later TWO PB&Js.
This boy loves him some 'kuh cakes!'

Turner's sly 'don't even think about taking a bite' face.

After dinner we headed to Riverside Park even though it was getting a little late. It's one of Jacksonville's oldest city parks and I love the location in the 5 Points area. It's fun, eclectic and full of people the kids never get to see!
They sat in these swings for a good 20 minutes just watching other kids play.

Eli made a little friend. She was crying and he walked up to her and said "hand?" The stood like this and just stared at each other.

The absolute icing on the cake was talking to John 3 or 4 times! It's hard, at times, because when we get to talk "often" it makes things seem as though he's just on duty.

Another day least it was a great one!

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Nellie reading your beautiful words, and seeing the pictures of your boys and knowing that you are doing it all alone is such an inspiration. You accomplish so much every single day!!!!!
You are such a lovely & exquisite person. I don't know of another friend or mamma as dedicated and loving as you. I think you are one in a bagillion. :)