Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day By Day

by day, by day...

We're here. I have been trying to get Eli back to his crib but he knows how to play me like a fiddle. If he wasn't so irritable when he was in my bed, it'd be a fine situation to embrace sleep sharing. It's terrible, though. No one sleeps, and I even end up sleeping with one eye open so I don't get hurt.

Any way, the process has been emotionally and physically draining. If I were in any other situation than being a married single mother, I don't think it be so tough. I'm dealing, though. Just beating myself up...

It's been a week since we made it back from my parents' house. I can't believe it takes so long to get back in to our groove. Finally, today, I feel like we're cleaned back up and prepared for what the week might throw at us.

Since I don't concentrate much on a completely adult dinner, I've been focusing on finding things the kids like and making their meal plans. I've been using Weelicious for inspiration and recipes. The creator rocks at these sweet bento style lunches and I use that for ideas for lunches and dinners. Lots of times things are spit out, but at least the being exposed to lots of foods during their picky years. Today I made oatmeal-on-the-go bars (Eli LOVES them) and finally got around to making chewy granola balls.

They are great and the kids enjoyed them! As a plus, the rice cereal can be substituted. I didn't have any and used crushed up Total.

In other news:
The kids are super cute. Turner has grown an inch since John's been gone. I've been marking it on the wall. You-know-who won't stand still to let me measure him so I've got no record of how big he's getting.

Turner is pretty sure there are monsters in his room again. We are currently conducting counter-monster exercises every night.

I am trying every day to put aside my exhaustion and just enjoy my boys at the ages they are. It's tough and take a lot of lip biting and secret crying, but it's working. I think...

John was selected for an early command and I couldn't be more proud. He's such a balanced guy; I know he'll make a great CO!

We've decided that, when the slate comes out, to really try for the PC out of Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek. I found out the MCM tours out of San Diego and Sasebo are 30 months and that's no good for this family. I get the itch to move and 30 months is a loooong time! I really hope it works out and we'll be in Virginia by the end of the year.

I've settled on having baby Deacon in the comfort of our home. Well, it's not our home, but it is comfortable. It's, obviously, up to the midwives, but I don't see a reason for conflict. I'm a healthy low risk pregnancy and they deliver at home as well as at the birth center. Having the baby at the birth center, I'll return home just hours later at any rate -so why not just have him here?!?


Katie said...

Having Deacon at home will be so nice for you! One less thing to think about, and no bags to pack. :-)

Teresa Eliason said...

Just spent over an hour at the Weelicious site. So great to find all kinds of different things to try because I've been in a little bit of a rut!

What a great experience to have Deacon at home. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Nellie said...

Katie! Glad you're on board as I'll be calling you if John's not home yet. :)

Teresa, isn't Weelicious awesome?!? I've made a lot from there and find that if I have a loose plan for the kids they seem to love their lunches and dinners. Plus, it's not the same rut stuff they always much on. Turner will down all the red peppers and broccoli (i steam it to get it a little more tender) if he knows he's not getting more crackers/hummus or whatever.