Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Boast Post

We're on pins and needles over here!

John successfully passed his boards and completed his package for early command. For all my non-Navy readers (all two of you!) that means that he's in the running to take command of his first ship! It's a huge privilege to be selected and to have the opportunity. This has been John's dream since he was a toddler and to realize it so early makes me so proud -and I'm not even his mamma!

Everything has been signed by the proper channels, COs, Admirals, etc. Now we're waiting on BUPERS (the big people that tell us where to go) to see if a ship and our timing work out.

If not, keep 'em crossed we get Hawaii!!

aaaand I've finally figured out how to make my own background and topper AND edit the HTML to stick it all up on the ol' blog. Go me! I don't have all my cool fonts and I'm still trying to learn to navigate a mac so everything might take me a while.


Christine said...

Awesome! John rawks!!!! :)

Bloggy looks great btw! ;)

Hoppy Easter!1 xoxo

Teresa Eliason said...

Congrats to John! Hope the timing works out for you guys.

Your blog looks great! I've done a little work with html but I think I'm going to check out some books from the library (if I ever think of it) and try to work on my own background. I would love to be able to do some design work.