Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Boys are (almost) Back in Town!

Ok, the illness really did us in with a HUMONGO case of the crankies. I mean, why wouldn't it? Who likes to be sick?

Finally, today, they both woke up in great moods -in my bed (baby steps). They talked and laughed to start the day out; they played like the crazy buddies they are. We made it to school with no incidents, Eli and I came home to mix up some dough, take a walk, play outside and then he was excited to go get "brudder" from school. After over a week they both slept in their rooms and even took great naps. They had a BLAST in the bath tub (thank God for glass doors because I didn't wipe up a thing) and then played so hard together with a remote control race car that I had to remind them it was chill-out time. Turner had the control and Eli would run around and pick the car up -or try to get it, at least. I seems like it's been weeks that they've been fighting/arguing/picking, but it's just been days! Whew. Maybe that's over with.

Turner still had a pretty good outburst when I was finishing up dinner. It all starts out innocent enough but if he's got one foot already over the line he'll end up in a full 'Daddy' tantrum. Screaming for John, banging on his door, rolling around. I try to just ignore some of the things he says and when the outburst occurs (which was, oddly enough, totally unprovoked today) and when it seems like he quiets down I go in and ask if he's ready to 'talk.' I'll tell him why I had him take a break and then we'll talk about how we miss Daddy, etc. Today, though, he peed his pants. It just makes me feel so terrible that I have to still continue to discipline or put him in his room to take a breather. In todays case, he started his freak-out while he and Eli were out back so I asked him to just come in and take a break -he wasn't being disciplined or anything. Any way, I just feel so helpless in some situations.

When he's done with his outburst he'll say he's angry and he doesn't want to talk. If this is toddlerdom, then what the hell is a teenager like? Yikes. I think he knows the term "angry" because I have said "are you mad/angry?" So, I'm assuming that's why he knows what the word is in the first place -not necessairily the association.

At the end of the day, I guess a silly face makes it all better...

Oh! And here's our Easter grass!!!

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Christine said...

Oh honey, I hear you. It's gotta be 100 times rougher without daddy/John there. You are doing great.. Whatever gets you through the days, is what you gotta do. <3

And the grass sprouted so quickly! Yay!