Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well, That Sucked

I last left you hanging on the edge of your seat (I know, gripping, right?) with our illness. As luck would have it, we were whacked with a doozie (do people still say that?) of a cold. Saying cold really lessens what we've been feeling around here for the past 5 days. Actually, it's been over seven days of feeling lousy but 3 with our diagnosis from the Mayport Naval Health Clinic.

When I took the boys in, we were looking a bit offensive. It was obvious that Turner had pink eye, but after examining his ears and chest she concluded a bacterial infection had caused everything. For Turner it was pink eye, an ear infection (right ear), a very inflamed throat, a terrible cough and chest congestion. He was given augmentin, a cough medicine, eye drops and an inhaler. Eli had pink eye, a bilateral ear infection and the same harsh cough. Luckily, he was a few hours/days behind Turner and nothing had moved to his chest.

For the days leading up to the visit to the clinic our nights were long and restless. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were absolutely sleepless. I spent every ounce of energy trying to make them comfortable, doing what they needed, etc. We all slept in the same bed, took the same showers (I think it helps to move the boogies along), at the same crap, cried the same tears and watched the same cartoons. Finally, Thursday, we were able to get the boys to the doctor and on medicine. After the first dose of drops their eyes cleared and by the second dose of augmentin and cough stuff they were much more normal! Last night we all slept through the night. Well, at least, I don't remember waking up...

Oh? Me? Yes. I got almost everything the boys got. Pink eye, cough, and bronchitis. To add a little more insult to the entire situation, I "threw out" my back. While carrying Eli from the clinic back to the car I coughed and my back just went in to an entire spasm. The spasm makes a muscle in my butt squeeze around nerve that runs from your spin down your legs. Any way, it causes severe pain and your body spasms the muscles (again) to try to compensate. Needless to say I drove home in tears and am still walking around haunched over. The rest of Thursday was terrible and in addition to alllll that, I found out John was in port Turkey but couldn't even email because of all the craziness going on for his end. Friday, I still wasn't able to get a phone call and my mom couldn't come up until today. THEN, I started having Braxton-Hicks contractions that continued until today. I called the midwife and she confirmed what I was thinking: probably just dehydration. Seven Gatorades and countless bottles of water later they've stopped (I don't remember them being so uncomfortable!).

I am so done after all of this. My mom is here now and I'm heading out tomorrow to try to find a homeopathic remedy for my cough. I need relief as I'm coughing so hard it's exacerbating the back problem and it makes me gag. I feel bad enough I had to take zythromax to get relief, so a natural remedy for the cough is a must.

There's no time to be done, though. I guess if it doesn't kill you...cue Christina Aguilera's 'Stronger' and dance in your undies when no one's watching.

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