Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday St. John!

**Warning: you may find this a bit mushy but it's for my sweets**

My Dearest Peanut Butter,

I remember your first deployment like it was yesterday! We had only know each other for just a few weeks before you left so when your birthday rolled around I sent a box of junk: cards filled with annoying confetti and other random things. What birthday was that? Your 23rd?

There's no doubt in my mind being stuck on a ship for your birthday probably sucks, but we appreciate your sacrifice so much. While people are out drinking their weight in green beer (and paying dearly for it the next day) you're doing your job and participating in something far greater than most of those people will ever realize.

We miss you so much and love you more than you'll ever know. The boys had fun celebrating a little early last month so I'm sure they'll never miss your actual birth date. I'm pretty bummed that your box never got there, even though we mailed it days after Valentine's!
Here are a few shots from our birthday 'party' for you!

Any way, Sliante! One day, we'll have some green beer together; we've never done that.

Love you like a fat kid loves cake,



Teresa Eliason said...

I'm probably not supposed to comment on your mushy letter to your husband but I like the way you signed it. Before Pat could work up the nerve to say he loved me, he would joke around and say I love you like a fat kid loves cake. And eventually he had enough to drink that night that he dropped the end of it!

Nellie said...

aw! that's adorable. i remember something similar going on with us! some funny dance around the phrase...