Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

I'm really hoping there are no lions involved in this endless month! Really, there are others with 31 days but March seems soooo loooong. What in the world are we going to do?

Things I hope we get to do this month:
  • Make pine cone bird feeders and hang them from our orange tree
  • wet felted eggs for the Spring Celebration raffle basket
  • plant our Easter grass
  • finish planting and not immediately kill our garden
  • cooking more for the kids (we're on a snack type meal plan)
  • continue to establish a rhythm
I'm sure we'll be able to bang out all of those things, but the rhythm is something we're learning daily. I hope that by the time John gets back we can just usher him in to his place. We've always had some sort of daily "schedule" that went something like: wake up, eat breakfast, mommy fill in the blank, play, lunch, play, mommy fill in the blank, dinner. I'm working on getting the boys to learn the natural flow of the day and include lots of new crafting things and even getting in to a weekly rhythm so we know what we're doing Monday through Sunday. With, of course, room for what may come.

Here's to a break in the rain to get those seeds in the planters!


Christine said...

You are awesome! The Easter grass is SUCH a great idea... we might try it too! :)

Also I have roving... so might do the felted eggs too! Woohoo!! :)

How are you feeling mama??

Nellie said...

Yeah! Hope you get to do the grass. I hate the green fake stuff, always have. I'm hoping someone sells smaller bags of rye grass as I've only found $16 bags!
I thought you might like the eggs!