Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grow Your Own Easter Grass!

This is probably a little late to serve as any sort of tutorial, but this year I've decided we're going to start a new tradition: growing Easter grass. Not only is it a little more interesting than the fake "grass" that is sold in stores, but I won't have to deal with random strings of fake grass for weeks. It's as bad as Christmas tree tinsel, to me.

I started with the boys baskets. They're not heirloom nor super expensive so I won't be sad if our experiment goes awry.
Ok, just had to show you this. I accidentally bought 3,000 square feet of plastic wrap in Monterey, California...3 years ago!
I added a plastic bag on the bottom for some 'lift' while the grass was growing. Then, I lined the basket with two sheets of plastic wrap.
I taped the sides so when the boys added dirt the entire thing didn't collapse.
We added our soil.
Then the grass seed made up of mostly rye seed, so it's quick growing.
Then, I let the kids squirt away!
Poor Ollie, he couldn't quite figure out how to spray anything but his face!
We started this little project a few days before the illnesses slapped us! So, I'm happy to say we actually have some grass growing in our baskets. I'm hoping it turns out and, if not, we'll try something else.

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