Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are We There Yet?

Where is that half way point? I know it's on the horizon...

Compared to others, we've had it easy. I know that. However, when your babies are sick the days seem endless.

A few days ago Turn started out with a dry cough. I thought we'd have another cold on our hands so we went out for orange juice from the Fresh Market, loaded up on the vitamin C tablets and started their Children's ACF. The cough progressed to deeper cough and then, the eye gunk came.

Now Turner looks like this:

Eli is crusty, but his eyes are not as red and irritated looking as Turners.
They are both coughing up a storm and Eli coughed so hard he threw up. Poor little guys. I really hate taking them to the doctor, especially a clinic on base. It's not that I'm against doctors or even antibiotics, but if the kids can fight something off naturally I prefer that route. This time, however, my little boys need relief. They are miserable, they miss their daddy and the haven't slept well in days. We are off to base for a back-to-back appointment session.

It seems like it's been so long since they've slept really well for very many days at a time and I'm feeling like the wall is coming. I'm about to hit it hard and it's going to be painful!

Here's to another crazy night in our bed and the patience of Mother Theresa. My throat is sore, I can't stop coughing, I was head butted last night, my back is killing me (2 back surgeries + pregnancy + carrying around large toddlers + sleeping in random positions = ouch), I've had a headache for days and my entire body is sore. I just want to sleep...

Duty calls.

**And not even my new Orla Keiley bag made anything better. Crap, I think my husband reads this now... Hi, sweetie, I used my Gap card. It's like Monopoly money! Muah hahahaha... love you! **

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Mike and Cicely said...

I hope y'all are feeling better! And I hope the clinic experience went okay. Which doctor did you see?