Monday, April 19, 2010

If You Give Two Toddlers Markers

And a box.
With out much further instruction say "Let's draw on our house."

Then, go inside to get your camera (I'm talking 4.2 seconds)...

You'll find marker all over the outside of your actual house (remember to take evidential picture).

On one toddler you'll find a moustache.

On another, you'll find make-up.

On both you'll find smiles on a day that started out completely terrible. So terrible your three year old did this to his beloved books during a "break" (new word for time out).


Teresa Eliason said...

Jack found an orange colored pencil today that was only half the normal length. He thought it was great because it was just like Daddy's (who uses a golf pencil to mark points on the wall when hanging pictures.) He was running around upstairs and then came down and told me he made a great line on the wall, just like Daddy. Sure enough, there is a 6 inch orange pencil mark at toddler height in the hallway.

Later today I let Jack and Casey "paint" their plastic toy house with chalk and they thought that was awesome. Had to keep them away from the real house a couple times though.


Oh no he ripped up Mr. Brown and What do you do with a tail like this? Those are our faves too!
He must have been dang mad.
We have a few books that have scotch on evey page...
Poor turn :(
Also I bought Olivia these fabulous tan boots, and on the way to preschool one day I noticed that she was busily doing something as I was driving. Well what she was busy doing was coloring marker all over her new boots!