Thursday, April 22, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today, I was asked: "And what are you going to do to celebrate Earth Day?" I wanted to be standing there pregnant with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth, Schlitz malt liquor in hand, and say in a rather raspy voice "I'm just happy I got out of bed, lady!" Instead, I just smiled and said "Oh, we'll see!" I knew that we were just coming home to play and not going to pick up trash on the beach, or save the baby humpback whales.

For real? I don't have time to celebrate Earth Day. Maybe one day I will make my kids green popsicles, and volunteer to collect trash and all that other Earthy stuff.

We have had time to grow our own garden, though. It was a slow start but we're on our way to a lot of squash and pickling cucumbers (the large leaf stuff).
Some time during the Great Freeze of 2010, we made our way to the local nursery to pick up some organic potting mix and organic fertilizer and Earth Boxes. I chose to go with the Earth Boxes in spite of their price (something like $60 per box) so we can clean them out and bring them to our next duty station.
I ordered non GMO seeds from a mom and pop store out of Hallendale, FL, and I love the seeds! I purchased a variety, knowing I can use them at our next stop.

The boys enjoyed digging in the dirt and getting the boxes ready.

I can't remember when we actually planted the seeds but I decided to let the kids help. Luckily, Eli was more interested in jumping on the trampoline so it was just Turner. I wasn't paying too much attention and I'm pretty sure all these seeds were planted pretty deep.

After the planting, I let the boys water the boxes with their new watering cans. Before I could say anything Eli used his can to dig around in all the boxes to check out Turner's work.

I think the worst "damage" was to the tomato/basil bucket. Not only did Eli dig around in the box but weeks later he added some sand to the mix. Poor tomatoes and basil; we'll have to buy you at the store.
The kids like to check on the garden and Eli loves to dump his entire watering can in one spot. They say it's the experience, not the outcome...right?

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