Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Daddy's on 'a-poyment'

I might not seem like much to you
Because, you see, I'm three
But I can do a lot of things
That are quite beyond me

I like to do the usual deeds
all boys like to do
I crash my cars, I pick up sticks,
And play with my brother, too

Not only can I ride my bike
And run and scream and shout
But I can do a lot of things
Not all kids think about

I can stand up for my brother
When he doesn't understand
I can tell him Daddy loves him
Though he's in a foreign land

I tell my mom she's beautiful
I love her dress and hair
I even talk to her tummy;
There's another boy in there

Mostly I can help my mom
She tries to stand so firm
I tell her that I miss him too
And can't wait for his return

My Daddy's on deployment,
He is out to sea
I can count the days with numbers
Even though I'm just three

I live without my dad
And learn new things alone
So you can sleep in peace at night
In the comfort of your home

I learned to send an email
And how to cross off days
I learned that I can talk to Dad
In many different ways

I understand that this takes time
And that he'll miss a lot
I even save things just for him
In a very special spot

Please don't feel so sad for me
This freedom, it's not free
My Daddy loves his family
But it's Duty, Honor, Country

My Daddy's on deployment,
he is out to sea
My Daddy is an officer
In the United States Navy


Christine said...

Oh, Nellie. I am tearing up. <3 you guys. Thank you all so much for sacrificing so much that we can be safe.

Big, huge hugs to all of you.


Teresa Eliason said...

That's awesome!

Tiffany Walensky said...

Absolutely beautiful poem. You are very talented. Your sacrifices are appreciated!

Jennifer said...