Sunday, April 25, 2010

Conversations with Daddy

Daddy's in port so he was able to call today. I willed him to call all day long and, finally, around 11:30 the phone rang! We've come to realize that the first call should go to the kids, that way, if we get cut short, at least they heard daddy's voice. So, Turner got to talk first. I said "Do you know who's on the phone?" He just smiled and thought for a second and said "It's my Daddy!" He went straight to his room to sit in his chair for "quiet."
It's adorable to watch his actions and reactions while he talks. He uses his hands and facial expressions galore to really express his emotions. I even heard him say "...and I was just, like, freaking out." Ahem, he's never heard "freaking out" from me! Turn's speech, while understandable in person, is some times a little difficult to hear over the phone -especially for John, sitting in a cafe.

The first time Turner talked to John during this deployment, he had a hard time understanding (later that day) that John was still gone. They have been able to chat two or three times since and I think Turner finally understands that Daddy is still on the ship and is still not coming home until July.

It's fun to listen to Turner talk without my prompting or coaxing. He is becoming such a little boy, but his cognitive abilities are still very much toddler (and I LOVE that). He's used video chat before, so, while it's less often now, he still really believes he can "show" you things. Also, he's starting to understand general times (now, later, today, tomorrow and "this much time" shown with fingers) but a real concept of time still eludes him. While I'm thankful for that it makes it so hard to hear him ask John "Daddy, are you coming home now?" It makes my heart hurt for John to have to hear it and for Turner for just not understanding.
I'm so happy and thankful that John can call at all.
Even Eli, though distracted, was able to take the phone all by himself and sing Twinkle and "Rocka My Baby" for his Daddy. I can imagine it was the sweetest sound on the other end of the phone to hear this little baby you left four months ago singing songs!
We miss you so much, my Love! I'm so happy you've been able to read this and see those crazy boys of yours. They miss you like you'd never believe. Turner wanted his "little Daddy" to sleep on his chest tonight. That's the tiny, imaginary, you that I pull out of my pocket. He also has his Daddy Doll by his head, he's sleeping in your shirt, and he's got his Daddy's heart (that heart rock he was trying to tell you about) in his hand. Thank you so much for calling!

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