Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Party!!

Thursday, I drove the boys up to New Jersey. John hasn't been able to be around for any of Eli's birthday parties so we celebrated a bit early this weekend since he'll be missing the third birthday in a row for his little man. 

We just had a small family party in Grandma's back yard. Eli was over the moon that this entire party was for him! He loved every second: including the 9:15 bed time! 
I can't believe he's almost THREE!! 

My baby boy's pink toes: such a contradiction to his personality.  

He even sang happy birthday to himself! 

The requested dump truck cake, full of "dirt." 

He was a fan! 

A worm was trying to escape. 

A Daddy with his favorite boys. 

Deacon graced us with his sweet presence later in the party. 

The favorite toy from us! It's a Bruder crane truck and it's fantastic! 

Try to be patient while opening a gift of clothing. 

I think he thought it was odd to just have picture taken with us (and no brothers). 

The biggest brother was so patient while Eli was opening gifts!

He couldn't lift the container of dirt in to his dump truck...

Deacon had his first taste of ice cream. 

Turner always enjoys running after the ice cream truck!

While we were cleaning up, I told the boys to just dig in to the rest of the cake. They
obliged by the shovel full.
Eli thought the "dirt" was awesome. 

"Mommy, if I have to do 'three' one more time..." 


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

what lovely pictures and I love the "dirt"

Teresa said...

I can't believe how different and older Eli looks with that haircut! Looks like a fun party! Jack and Casey love the "dirt" too, although they haven't eaten it with shovels yet.

Tiffany Walensky said...

I love Eli's new hair! And that dirt cake looks yummyyyy :)