Monday, May 2, 2011

A Week Off!!

We are enjoying a nice surprise week off! John mis-read his orders and isn't attached to anyone this week between his classes so we're going to have a week of fun. 

First off: a Mommy morning out shopping (dire need of some updated clothes now that I don't have to whip out the ladies ever two hours to nurse). No kids, no worries. Just me and a huge mall! 

Then, we headed to the zoo for some fun. 

Turner insisted on a long sleeve shirt and these way too short pants! 

Success! Eli is out of pajamas! 

"Chewbaka" aka Pepper the Orangutan.  The kids think she looks like Chewy from Star Wars. 

Silly orangutans! 

One of my new dresses. It makes me look so small. I think I'll keep it forever!

Such a fantastic Daddy!! 

Poor Dunks, he's been cutting a tooth for a few days and has been pulling on his ear. 

Swinging made him smile...

...until he decided he had some beef with the swing hardware. 

Rare form: not smiling! 
 After a nice short afternoon at the zoo we decided to hit up a local institution, Doumar's. Luckily, we had a DVD in the car so the kids had the extra special treat of scarfing down a hamburger, fries and a shake while watching the Jungle Book!  
Can't get much more American that that! 


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

that looks like a whole lot of family fun!

Christine said...

How fun!!1 You look freaking fabulous... as per usual. :D

Teresa said...

We haven't been to Doumar's yet, but I'm drooling just a little bit looking at your pictures. Is John going to be around for Mother's Day?

Mike and Cicely said...

Yay! What an awesome surprise to have a week with Daddy!!

"It makes me look so small." Woman, you ARE small! :)