Sunday, May 15, 2011

Takes a Lickin' but Keeps on Tickin'

Lately, these punks of mine have been runnin' me ragged! 
Two new teeth for Deacon have been giving him trouble for about four nights. Last night he woke up every 40 minutes or less until 4:30. At which point I looked at my clock and had to decided to sleep or wake up. I've been Inspired to Action so I'm rollin' out early to work out or get ready for the day. I went back to sleep to wake up at 6:00...but Turner came in at 5:58. 

He finally pulled up on something in the living room (he can do this in his crib). 

The boys having been missing their Daddy and have been fighting like brothers. It takes every fiber of my being to calm down, but I've managed not to make a fool of myself by yelling once this week. It's exhausting trying to stay patient! 

Getting ready to paint piggy banks.
 Part of running mommy ragged is...mommy. I run these buggers around so they're niiiice and sleepy at bed time. Today it was a mile and a half bike ride (with a few stops at the lake in our neighborhood). Parks, painting, and projects! Oy!

Red and sweaty from playing in the bouncy house! 

Check out the huge mosquito bite on this guy's head! 

To stop the fighting for 10 minutes, I made bath paint (clear dish soap + a drop of food coloring).
They fought, at first...but then scrubbed the entire tub! 

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

i hear you Nellie, I hear you lol