Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Another Day Around Here

When asked how she's doing, John's grandmother will reply "Oh, you hits, no runs, no errors." 
Today was one of those days where we broke even. Did a little school work, a little house work, a little fun work and it was a pretty easy day. 

Turner loves to practice his photography skills! 

Our park gear takes up more room than Deacon!

A boy and a sand pit. Heaven on Earth.

Dunks had a few snacks while I dug around with Eli. 

Love those little feet. 

Sweet as pie, but this child has found his yelling voice and thinks it's hilarious!

He asked me to take his Army picture. He is set on joining the Army and driving a
"shooter truck" (tank). Thanks to Uncle Chad for the inspiration...

Playing at the park. We stayed for almost two hours and those little dudes were beat!
I thought I was all cute in a flowy peach top with some new shorts, until I looked down and realized I left the house in my "yard shoes." Better than my slippers, which I've been known to wear out accidentally.


To end the night: Deacon in real pajamas for the first time. The big brothers loved the guitars! 

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