Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday we went to the beach with some fantastic friends. Luckily, Teresa is so at ease with my circus we were able to manage not only the beach but an impromptu stop at Five Guys! 

Jack, making sand angels.

Deacon really enjoyed playing in the sand! He only tried to
put in his mouth once, but went to town just running his hands through it.

I had to ask for a second opinion, but I think it's true: Deacon's first "real"
word is CHEESE! I had the camera out and he kept saying "teeze."

Eli didn't bother much with the ocean, he just enjoyed digging.

I have more pictures and a video of Deacon crawling (finally!) but my Mac won't let me move the video from iPhotos. 

The boys still fought like crazy all day and were so tired from playing in the ocean and sand that they were slurring their speech on the way home! Again, I got zero sleep but I think I've FINALLY figured out two things going on:

1.) LOW milk supply! Apparently, it's common during your period. I never had one until 
either got pregnant and/or Eli self weaned so I had NO clue why Deacon wasn't feeling full. 
So, I made an emergent call to an IBCLC to get some Mother Love "More Milk Plus" 
since she's the only person around that sells it! I've been drinking tea and downing 
herbs like a nut. 


2.) I think this is the time in the year where the older boys are closest in age and their 
emotional and social needs are almost the same. So, they're driving each other (and me) bonkers! 
We spent today talking about using kind words and gentle touches but they even got in a fight at church. Of all places. Sheesh...

Despite the incredibly tiring week, we lived. We learned a few things, too. I think. I can't remember...



Nellie isn't it a load of horse shit when you start your period and you are still nursing. Yeah, I was like, uh this isn't supposed to be happening.
I always thought my milk was running out and drying up and I won't ever know if it really was, but I did drink that nursing tea and take a few supplements that I thought helped.
Sorry to hear that your production is low, that sounds stressful especially if you still have a hungry baby. I am sending happy thoughts to your boobs.....;)

Mike and Cicely said...

The beach day sounds like fun! Hilarious that Deacon's first word is 'cheese'. Hope the herbal supplements help with the milk supply!

Christine said...

I loved the Wish Garden Milk Enrichment drops. I used them during my period, and whenever I felt the kids were going through a growth spurt, or were sick to "pump" up my supply. <3

And totally... the period thing is sooo not fair. I got mine back at 3 months postpartum with both kids despite nursing on demand around the clock, co-sleeping, and babywearing. An, Ashley didn't even have solids until 8 months old!! :P