Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rationing Out Nana

My Nana was this ol' Southern Belle. She was sharp as a tack, sweet as pecan pie, and ever the "prawpah" (southern for 'proper') lady. She always carried handkerchiefs around, even when it was a hundred degrees out. When she passed away some years ago, I was allowed to go through her things and settled on some hankies and costume jewelery. I loved my Nana but wasn't sure how to display the hankies that was fitting of my style (if I have that) and I was always afraid they'd be destroyed in one of our many moves. For all these years they've been sitting in my underwear drawer; just squished in the back, never seeing the light of day.

A handful of hankies.
Enter the wide world of blogging. 

I ran across this tutorial for a necklace and I knew immediately that Nana would be a-ok if I hacked up her hankies! I just needed to be "allowed" to do it and this was a way for me not to feel bad about cutting up antique heirlooms.

First up was a bib necklace for my sister's birthday. I used Little Miss Momma's tutorial and added a few differences. I went for a straight across bib and also added two other types of materials for a more full effect. 

I cut circles out of a hankie I thought my sister would like. 

I left the chain long so the recipient could shorten it.

For interest, I added some black chiffon from an old target skirt and the pink
is actually pink (fake) flower pedals. 
Next was something for my cousin Samantha. She's always rockin' the headband and, after seeing all the cute rosettes and pom poms around the bloggy world, I went with this...

cut in to 1" strips

ends sewn together

Sam liked this arrangement! I was able to make two headbands (6 rosettes)
from one hankie.

I love how neutral this one is! 
I'm really happy with how the handkerchiefs are being used. They've sat for all these years but finally have a new life! 

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Katie said...

These are amazing! Great job!!!